Monday, August 31, 2009


Vintage jacket, UO sweater and tshirt, thrifted jeans, H&M oxfords.
Here's an outfit I wore when I was in Monterey Bay a few weeks ago, it was wonderfully cold up there- so I was able to pull out some fall clothes! My Aunt gave me this jacket that she used to wear when she was younger. I love it, it has become my new favorite jacket.
School begins tomorrow, and as much as I'd like summer to continue.. I am also excited for starting a new year. I love the feeling of being organized and started new classes. That gets old after about a week though, heh. This fire and smoke over here is making it too hot and unbearable to even think about school work..


  1. hey :)

    Loverly blog, and awesome outfit - incredibly cute jacket!


  2. I love your blog! :) You are so cool!! xxxxx

  3. Hi, lovely lovely blog, I love the outfit too, that jacket and those jeans... Amazing!