Thursday, July 16, 2009

farewell my black balloon

Mom's old maxi dress worn shorter, Colonial Madness heels, vintage belt (underneath), UO woven belt.
My mom gave me this dress because.. well it basically looks like a sac if you don't wear it like this. I don't even
know why she owns it in the first place.
I put a belt around it and then pulled it up so it draped over the belt, hiding the belt, creating two layers.
Then I put another larger belt over to give it some shape. I am quite pleased with it. The dress also has a nice
dark floral leafy pattern which I like as well. It would look nice in the fall with black tights and a coat.
I'm starting to go back into my fall clothing phase. I want to wear coats and jackets, even when August hasn't
begun yet. hah. Summer school ends.. next week! YES!
Health class has been interesting.. I just finished a project on genital warts. Lovely, isn't it? I could barely do it.
You don't know how gross these things are until you actually look them up. Don't try it.



  1. Ooh, I like it worn like that :)

  2. I have dresses that look like that without a belt! This looks cute!