Friday, June 5, 2009


I've gotten into horseback riding again, I now have lessons every Monday and Friday. It feels so good and relaxing. It was windy today. I rode Duncan. I fell off and got a face full of dirt.
A horse over at the stable next to us was freaking out and then Duncan got scared and jumped a little, I lost balance and boom. I fell slowly and knew I was going to, but what can I do?
Then I was shaking on the ground covered in sand and dirt. When I got up, everything turned white and I couldn't hear. I was so scared and I couldn't walk. After sitting for a few minutes brushing off dirt, a few bruises and a swollen lip, I got back on Duncan and continued riding. I love the feel of going over a jump, and cantering. You should try it sometime. Totally relaxes me, even though afterwards I'm sweaty, I smell like horse, and slightly dusty, it's all good. (:

(p.s. I've decided on the navy blue docs.)

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