Thursday, May 21, 2009

destroy everything you touch

Rodarte. Only they can make something knit that looks like its falling apart, without actually having it fall apart. Looove it. and those Christian Louboutin spikey heels. Too bad they cost about.. an arm.. and a leg.

Oh wait, now you can to. D.I.Y. Rodarte anyone?!
SixSixSick did a D.I.Y. of Rodarte's diamond cut leggings and their sweaters/tights. Now if only I knew how to knit.. time to visit grandma. I tried learning a little while back and made half a scarf, but now I've forgotten. :(

I stayed home from school today, staying home all day makes me feel kind of lazy and useless. I've been watching the show 'Bizzare Foods' with Andrew Zimmern and eating Soy creamy icecream all day. I learned that in Iceland, they eat puffins and sheep's blood pudding. How horrifying. Good thing tomorrow is Friday and I can get outtt.

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