Sunday, May 3, 2009


Renee Perle

Yesterday Amelia and I went to the salvation army in search of fur coats and denim shirts.. no luck. However I did find this pastel pink/cream pleated skirt, sweater, and a giraffe bag (that is weirdly similar to my elephant wallet. hah) We also discovered that the Aardvarks in old town is now open ;]. Fur coats and leather jackets, unfortunately our time was limited.
We also saw these two girls with short hair, boots, and sweaters, they were so perfect! Haha they must have thought we were creepy since we kept staring at them.. but they were just tooooo cute. We also saw this guy on the metro with the most amazing studded leather jacket, it was red and green in some parts and the collar was studded. He was kind of weird though, his eyes twitched weirdly and he constantly had this little grin on his face.

So, my mom has been in China for the past month and she took the camera with her, so no outfit posts until next friday :l

(p.s. Why does Rodarte send Tavi their really cool ripped/shredded tights and sweater? I would like some too please ;])

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